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Our method is used to increase foundation depth or repairing faulty foundations.


Original Victorian & Edwardian properties in London were built on clay with a corbel foundation onto a bed of shingle. In the now modern world the foundations for these properties are suffering and are a major cause of subsidence and cracking both internally & externally of an original period property. 

Because we now have larger vehicles on our roads, this can cause vibration to original foundations and damage to the foundations of your property. We also have to factor in weather conditions, the clay in winter softens and in summer dries and shrinks, this causes movement and cracking to the structure of the building. Trees & root growth into the foundations where trees were planted too close to the properties also cause structural damage. 

We at KCJ Builders have vast experience in this field of works, we work alongside structural engineers, and geologist to resolve and find solutions for each project that we undertake. 

Underpinning can also be used to create basement extensions which are commonplace in London where we are running out of space, we again have completed several basement conversions which we are very proud of. 

If you require our Underpinning Service or would like to find out more about KCJ Builders, click here to send us a direct email and tell us more about your project.

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