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DULUX COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2024: Sweet Embrace

"A gentle blossom pink that is welcoming and brings a sense of peace and softness to a space."


KCJ Builders are proud suppliers of both Trade and Retail Dulux Paint. Not only do we love painting, we love mixing paint colours too! So when Dulux announced their Colour of the Year 2024, we couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about.


"For over 20 years, our colour experts have been translating global trends into a Colour of the Year that captures the mood of the moment. Sweet Embrace™ is a kind, delicate tone that brings a feeling of positivity to our lives." - Dulux.



We love the way Dulux suggests colours that compliment their main attraction Sweet Embrace™.

By strategically weaving these complimentary colours into the design scheme, creators can evoke a sense of depth, comfort, and vibrancy within a room. Whether employed through accent walls, furnishings, or decorative accents, the use of this warm neutral alongside mustard yellows or layered greens, imbues spaces with layers of visual intrigue, beckoning occupants to immerse themselves in an environment rich with aesthetic delight. Some of their suggested colour palettes are below for your viewing pleasure.


"A gentle blossom pink that is welcoming and brings a sense of peace and softness to a space. Our Colour of the Year can bring a sense of stability, calm and friendliness to living and working spaces. It’s a delicate shade that changes tone with the light but that always brings warmth to a space. As well as being a subtle and sophisticated stand-alone shade, our Colour of the Year also provides a solid foundation for a wealth of other shades. We’ve built each of our three very different palettes around it and it brings a different personality to each of them." - Dulux


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