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We have been dismantling the large storage cupboards within the library area to store for re-use on completion. The main entrance hall and the old redundant area which used to be the reception which has the display units which display the trophy’s and the sliding glass were dismantled and disposed.

The bench desk behind the specified area, and the left of this area, the old wooden doors with Georgian wire vision panels and door frames were also dismantled and disposed. 


In the library area the staged raised area with reception desk with glass panels and framework behind and either side walls which divide the office area / main reception were also demolished and some of the furnishings were set aside for re-use.


A full survey has been completed of the walls to confirm if there are any load bearing in the area and as a result they were found not to be load bearing.


There are 4 structural columns that will remain in situ of the specific areas, as these are the main supports for the upper areas. 


3 pairs of double doors were removed and set aside for re-use (the best of the 3 pairs). 


Carpet dressings were lifted in specified areas and disposed.



Worked on and made: 

Ceiling areas where walls have been dismantled.

Walls where demolished using plasterboard’s and plaster.

Floor areas where walls have been demolished.




A powder coated Aluminium, fully glazed partitions & door’s, door’s to have a magnetic lock with battery backup and power supply unit and a set dead lock.


Partitions will have full height fixed panes of glass either side of the doors and as discussed on site.


All glass were to clear laminate glass with a minimum thickness of 9mm.

The door handles were back to back satin stainless steel about 1170mm long.



The new design of the reception area was consisting of 3 sets of folding doors with glass infill panels between openings made from powder coated aluminium with glass doors and mirroring the main reception that was completed most recently.



The cables & electrics for sockets, lighting & data cables will require relocating to new positions prior to demolition and made safe.


On completion of demolition the electrics are to be encased in conduit and run to new locations. 

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