P.A.T. Test

All appliances and household goods

such as TV, Fridges, Toaster cattles...

With sirtificates

Typlical property 

aprox hours required: 3.5

operatives required: 1

Check & repair 


Front and Back garden drainage clean.

Inspection chaimber

Rainwater gullies

Down pipes where accessible from ground level

To the value of £695

aprox hours required: 4

operatives required: 2

check & Repair internal plumbing 

We will carry out a test to all stop valves and check float valves 

Waste traps, beneath sinks and wash basins.

aprox hours required: 3.5

operatives required: 1



roof dressing

We will survey and repair with place of repairs need to be carried out and give you a quote on the site/carry cleaning to the main gutters, hopper heads and downpipes.

Photographic quotations will be provided.

Ladder to be placed at ground level

max high 12 metres


Brick work

To inspect and carry out the cleaning of any existing ventilation of the property such as air-bricks & vents + quote which will enable us to ventilate the property for your needs 

external Windows   & doors  

To carry out a survey and provide with a quote

Make any repairs required to the value of £400

Wether be PVC, wood, metal, double glazed or single glazed etc.

central heating, gas & appliances

A gass leak and pressure test, checking of all radiator gass leaks and make repairs. Power flushing of power system

And certify on completion. 

Check & Repair electrics

Carry out an inspection of your main fuse box. (consumer unit) 

Will carry out a test for your sockets and lighting circuits throughout the property

To the value of £455

heat, smoke, co2

test & installation

With certificates 

We will inspect and replace any of which of the 3 items listed.

e.g Two Bedroom house will have 2 smoke alarm1 carbon monoxide 1 heat detector.

Hardwired and battery operated to the value of £270 for labour and parts




total: £4,320

or pay £518.40 (including 10% interest) per month for 10 months 

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